We know what knowledge and skills
will be useful in the future!

There is a new way where
Kids and teens 5–17 yo learn
the ways of think independently and problem solving,
develops algorithmic and creativity
Learning modern trends
in programming, graphics and animation,
engineering and mathematics!
These are difficult,
but we make lessons
fun and simple!

Cpmpanies' technology we teach


Junyschool is the international computer science school for kids and teens ages 7 to 17 where classes going as online lessons 1-on-1 with personal tutors. We teach programming, computer graphics, animation, cyber security, engineering by creating own mini Real-world projects

  • Who our tutors are?

    🚀 We are recruiting young and cool professionals who have full time jobs as software developers, web designers, motion designers and etc. Then we teach them in corporate university how to communicate with children and how to teach them in right and friendly way. Then they starts teach students in spare time of their full time job. Thereby, tutors like to work with kids because it is just part time work and we are happy to create infrastructure where all tutors can work in a good mood and because they do not stopped their full time projects.

  • 🔹 Our education system makes students to develop hards-skills and soft-skills. It means that we teach different codding languages, graphic and other digital tools as well as how to communicate with each others and how to make quick search for information they needed. Also our students learn through practice by creating their own comuter games, mobile a pps, graphic thins, cartoons, web sites and programms.
    The results will not be long in coming and students will see the result after a few lessons

  • ♻️ Mostly there are private online lessons 1-to-1 with our tutor – LIVE Teaching through Video-Chat (Not a pre-recorded video)
    🔹 It is easy
    🔹 It is fun
    🔹 It is useful
    Also we run inclass group lessons in cities where we are. In class lessons goes into it companies offices with nice and creative atmosphere. Kids are really motivated in this atmospheres.

The first touch with an IT should be based on individual preferences and characteristics of each child
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$ 182
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